There is no single way to overcome panic attacks and patients have to try several techniques to find one that help them to cope with panic attacks. It might be a lengthy and pain stalking process to find a solution that suits you but the good news is you can definitely find one. It is a trail and error method the sufferer will have to try most the following methods to find most suitable one for her.

Diet is the first on the list, and panic attack victims should be careful with the food they take. Several contents in our foods can increase the likelihood of a panic attacks, such as caffeine which increases the heart rate and anxiety levels. Sugar provides and instant burst of energy this can result in an anxiety attack so patient should prefer fruits over artificially sweetened foods. Alcohol doesn’t reduce anxiety, it only exacerbates the situation. Sometimes sufferers of panic attacks seek help from alcohol, which instead of helping leads to alcoholism.

Getting more sleep can also help to overcome anxiety. Although those suffering from severe panic attacks or anxiety also frequently suffer from sleeplessness, if you are able to fall asleep you should make full use of it. Relaxing the body and controlling the diet can always help reduce anxiety and thus the chances of a panic attack, however if not getting into comfortable positions, relaxed breathing techniques can help overcome panic attacks.

Medication and psychotherapy may help to reduce the occurrence of panic attacks. Patients who are being taken care of must be given special attention, while those taking care of the patient should be careful enough not to mistake a serious illness with panic attacks. Use of drugs like alcohol and other drug abuses only worsen the situations, however reassurance and relaxation techniques can help reduce the attacks.

The patient should engage in aerobic exercises and stress management techniques. Yoga might be the best solution as anyone can practice it regardless of age or physique.

Exercise, breathing techniques and cognitive-behavioral therapy combined can have tremendous remedial effect and can be very effective tool against panic attack. Herbal medication instead of prescription drugs can further strengthen the body against the attacks.

It has also been noticed that people suffering panic attacks indulge themselves in self medication, feel ashamed, avoid social contacts and often fail to accept that they cannot get rid of it in a instant and have to mold their living styles to cope with the problem.

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