Although medication combined with cognitive behavioral therapy approach has proved to be one of the best approaches to reduce the frequency and intensity of panic attacks, natural remedy can prove to be far better then both of these due to several reasons.

First of all the side effects from natural remedies are far less severe as compared to that of medication. Often more importantly, panic attack natural remedies are also less expensive. They have long term effects on the body, while not causing any dependency or addiction.

Several techniques can be used to naturally reduce the intensity and frequency of panic attacks, and these include:

Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques: sometimes when patients are suffering from a panic attack and feel difficulty breathing, they are provided a paper bag to reduce hyperventilation. However this can make the situation even worse, as the patient may suffer a heart or asthma attack due to lack of oxygen.

The benefits that one feels from breathing in a paper bag is placebo, and actually it is only making things worse. Instead the patient should exercise deep and slow inhalation and exhalation to feel relaxed.


Exercise: the brain in case of fear produces excessive adrenaline, and exercise provides relief in this situation. Whenever the sufferers feels they are about to have a panic attack, they should take control and indulge in some physical activity. Also regular exercise has many other benefits for the body.

Herbal Medication

Herbal medication: exercise, breathing techniques and cognitive-behavioral therapy combined can have tremendous remedial effect and can be very effective tool against panic attacks. Herbal medication instead of prescription medication can further strengthen the body against panic attacks. However, they should be consumed in consultation with the herbalist.

Certain herbs help the body feel relaxed in different situations. German chamomile for example can be used to relax the muscles and the nervous system. Also lemon balm, a mild sedative, and oat straw can also be used. Lemon balm helps combating stress and decrease the heart beat, while oat straw helps to get rid of the nervous system exhaustion that result from a panic attack.


Meditation and learning to relax: meditation reduces anxiety greatly and helps one to focus in the moment. Relaxation can decrease heart rate and blood pressure, as well as reduce muscular tension and provide relief to the brain.

If you learn to control breathing by relaxing your body, you can easily overcome the breathlessness that occurs during the attack.

Remember caffeine and other unhelpful drugs never work but rather add to the problems. Mastering breathing techniques, learning to relax, avoiding intake of alcohol and caffeine along with the safe use of herbal medicines will surely help you deal with panic attacks and cope with the disorder.

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