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Toned and muscular arms are considered very attractive for both men and women, and building arm muscles can keep them from looking flabby and saggy. Having muscular arms can also help when you need to lift anything, and building up your arms can be a great first step to working out with other weights to increase muscle tone all over.

Consider these 4 workouts for getting bigger arm muscles, and remember that when you start any workout routine you want to follow the right form, mind your posture and never use your back to lift, and don’t overexert yourself.

1. Bicep curls

These are basic but important for toned arms. Stand up and use free weights that are challenging but not too heavy, held in front of you, palms out, your arms at your sides but without your elbows locked and overextended. Keep your arms against your body and bend the elbows as you bring your arms up, using the bicep muscles to support the weight. Don’t rotate at the shoulders but concentrate on these front muscles alone. Return your arm to its original position, again avoiding locking your elbows, and repeat.

2. Triceps overhead extension

This exercise is done one arm at a time. Holding a free weight, lift your arm straight up in the air and then bend your elbow so that your upper arm is behind you, being able to see your elbow out of the corner of your eyes. Support your arm with your opposite hand as you straighten your arm again. You’ll feel the triceps contract and relax with each movement.

3. Bench and incline presses

A press refers to pushing weights away from you. A bench press is when you lie flat on a bench, and an inclined press is when the back of the bench allows you to sit up at a 45-degree angle. Both work various muscles in the arms. To perform these correctly, start with challenging but manageable weights and be sure the weight bar or arms are at upper chest level, not across your neck or lower than your upper chest. Press slowly and never lock your elbows in place, returning to your starting position and repeating.

4. Shoulder presses

Like bench and incline presses, a shoulder press involves pushing a weight away from you but for this movement, you sit upright and push the weights straight up over your head. This works the shoulders and the outside arm muscles. For this movement, be sure the bar or arms are level with your shoulders and not below them, and lift straight up over your head, not behind you. See Shoulder Muscle Exercises for more info!

These four exercises work all the major muscles in your shoulders and arms and will give you a toned, defined look in no time. Ask a personal trainer for more assistance and remember that the key to a fit physique is to stick with your routine, and over time increasing your weight slightly as you go along for an even greater challenge.

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