Panic attacks can take place at any point and to anyone regardless of age. Children can also experience panic attacks. It may seem like children have no reason to suffer from them, but the truth is different. No matter what the parents think and believe, the reality is children are also victims of panic attacks and they also feel the same nervousness and pressure as adults.

In the case of children it is always very difficult to know what causes this condition. Especially in the case of panic attacks, it has been observed that parents are not willing to agree about it at any cost. Panic attack is simply defined as the state of fear and nervousness in any person.

If the heart is beating at a very fast pace or someone is having pain in their chest, it’s possible the person is actually suffering from different stomach problems, chillness, shaking etc. But all of these things are also signs and symptoms that a person is under a panic attack or is about to have one. All of these cases and conditions can happen with children too.

However, in children there are several other symptoms as well. At times parents may see the child getting pale, or sometimes the children may also seem to be standing frozen. This is all because of fear and nervousness, which is actually a panic attack.

The duration of panic attacks in children are usually about five to ten minutes. Often children manage to recover from this condition quickly, but in some of the most severe situations the children may not able to bear attacks so easily, and that could result in disastrous results. It is therefore highly recommended that the children should not be neglected and their activities should be monitored carefully.

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