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This Is How I Learned To Live With Tinnitus

Living with tinnitus

Learning to live with any medical condition can be a challenge. Learning to live with tinnitus can seem impossible. For millions of Americans every year, tinnitus, or constantly hearing a high-pitched sound, is commonplace. Exposure to this subjective sound produced by the ear can range from harmless to debilitating. Given that there is no medication […]

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Understanding What the Great Saphenous Vein Is

great saphenous vein branches

The great saphenous vein is also known as long saphenous vein. However, the latter name is not used anymore. The term ‘saphenous’ has its origins in the Greek word ‘safaina’, which means ‘visible’ or ‘manifest’. However, there is another word that is attributed as the origin of the term which is the Arabic word ‘el […]

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Functions and Anatomy of Inferior Vena Cava

inferior vena cava blockage

The human body has two types of blood vessels – arteries and veins. The arteries carry oxygenated blood or blood rich in oxygen from the heart to the various parts of the body. The veins carry deoxygenated blood or blood rich in carbon dioxide from various parts of the body back to the heart. There […]

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Anatomy of the Human Heart

chordae tendineae calcification

The human heart is located in the chest cavity in the middle of the lungs and behind the sternum (slightly to the left of the sternum or “breastbone”). It is roughly the size of a fist and one of the hardest working organs in the human body. The heart is responsible for pumping blood to […]

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Endocrine System And Why It Matters

endocrine system body

The human endocrine system comprises of several glands that produce innumerable hormones which are necessary for the human body to function properly. The endocrine system comprises of the thyroid gland, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, pineal gland, adrenal gland, parathyroid and essentially all the endocrine glands. To understand the significance of human endocrine system, you will have […]

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Neck Problems That Trigger Tinnitus – Causes And Solutions

neck muscles bodybuilding

Tinnitus is a condition that involves constant ringing in the ears. This condition can be very mild or it can be very severe, and in some cases even interfere with one’s overall hearing. Tinnitus itself is not a disease or illness but rather is a symptom of another underlying cause, typically damage to the inner […]

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Human Hand: Anatomy and Medical Issues

picture of anatomy left hand tendons

Humans have two hands, the same as other primates such as monkeys, chimpanzees and lemurs. The hands are anatomically described as prehensile, multi-fingered extremity with two opposable thumbs located at the end of the forelimbs. The human hands have five fingers, although in some peculiar cases, there is an additional finger or fingers either in […]

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Basics Of Human Skeletal System

skeletal system diagram for kids

The human skeletal system is the entire framework of bones that provide structure and form to the human body and protection to the vital organs. There are about 270 bones in a human body at the time of birth. As one grows up, the number decreases to 206. This happens because some bones fuse together […]

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Overview Of Chest Muscles

muscles of the chest diagram for kids

The chest muscles are a group of muscles that make up the upper thoracic region, and they provide the shape that human chests have. There are multiple functions of these chest muscles. The primary function is certainly to provide support to the skeletal system and to facilitate its movements. The secondary function is to offer […]

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Human Nervous System Beginner’s Guide

nervous system diagram no labels

The human nervous system is made up of primarily two sections. The Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System. The nervous system is a super highway of information that keeps your body moving and shaking and helps to protect your body from harm. Each part of the system has a specific job that it […]

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How Muscular System in Our Body Works

muscular system blank diagram

If you compare the human body to a machine, you might say that the muscles and muscle tissue are the engine that is used to make the body work. They are not the same as a car engine but they convert energy into motion just like any other type of engine. Everything that the body […]

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Leg Nerves and Reflex Motion in Feet

nerves of the legs

The nervous system is like the messenger system for the human body. It carries electrical signals from the brain to various other parts and then back again, sending and receiving instructions, impulses, and sensory input. These electrical signals tell the body what to do, and the nerves in the human leg give it signals telling […]

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