Many people, especially men, are very interested about training their back muscles. Any exercise you do specifically for shaping your back is definitely very visible and noticeable, and one of the most important things to making your whole body look more muscular. Going to the gym and training your back wings is becoming increasingly popular the past few years. Though it doesn’t have too many obvious health benefits looking good is often the most important reason.

A healthy back is very important for a healthy body. If your back is prone to stiffness or is always sore because you spend a lot of time sitting for work or you don’t exercise as much as you should you are not alone. When asked what their biggest health problem is most people would say back pain. Building up the muscles in your back and abdomen will help alleviate back pain and eliminate stiffness even if you have to sit all day for work.

Here are some tips from our experts to help you develop the strong and healthy back muscles you need to feel great all day long.

Sit up straight

It sounds easy but most people don’t actually sit up straight. When you are a desk or working on the computer you are probably hunched over with your shoulders rounded. This puts a lot of strain on your shoulders and upper back. If you are trying to read or watch videos on a tablet or phone you will most likely be in the same unhealthy position. Right now sit up straight and push your shoulders back. Sit squarely on your sit bones and feel your back stretch as you straighten up. Try to hold that posture.

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Getting rid of a traditional office chair and using a balance ball chair can also help maintain good posture throughout the day. Working at a treadmill desk can also help you improve your posture. When you sit up straight you will be strengthening the muscles in the back.

Take a yoga class

Yoga is fantastic for the back. You will stretch and tone the muscles in your back gently so that you don’t end up in a lot of pain. Taking a yoga class just a few nights each week will make a big difference in the amount of back pain that you have. If you tend to carry stress in your shoulders and back yoga stretching will help eliminate that stress and help you relax. At first you might find that your back muscles are very tight and yoga is actually a little painful but as you stretch more and more your back will feel a lot better.

Take a walk

Get up from your chair at least once every hour when you are working. You may not want to interrupt your work by taking a long break but you need to stretch your back. Get up and go get a drink or just walk around the office. Walking will help realign your back so that when you sit down your back will be in a healthy position again. Walking will also help promote good blood circulation and general health. If you have the time to take a walk around the block or walk out to your car and back you should do that. But even if you can only walk down the hall to the coffee room or the break room that movement will help you stay healthy. Get moving as much as you can during the day.

Best back muscles training exercises:

Easiest and quickest way to improve any muscles, including your back is by exercising in the gym frequently and consistently. There are a couple of very specific exercises which are ideal for improving your back muscles, and doing them on a daily basis will show results very soon. It’s also important to always know how to perform the best back muscles training exercises properly to make sure they are most effective.

The first exercise which you should do for building your back muscles is the underhand cable pull down. Just as the name implies, this back muscles training requires you to hold the stick with the weights and lift. It’s recommended to hold the stick a little bit inside the hand since it will give you a better result for the muscles of your back.

Second exercise with a quick visual impact on your back muscles is bent over row. Though it’s frequently considered an exercise that requires a lot of energy, you do get used to it pretty quickly and it will get easier with every day spent in the gym, especially if done correctly. It’s best to do it on the right standing position while bending your knee a little bit before you pull the weight. It’s not just important how many pulls you do, but also make sure you do it in the most efficient way.

Building back muscles is also very important if you have any sort of back pain, as it can help immensely in alleviating the pain. It’s especially important for people who sit in their office for most of the day or work on computers. While looking better is most often the prime reason for people to decide to work out on their back muscles, improving your health is definitely another aspect you should take into account.

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