Panic attacks are often caused by mental disorders in certain situations, but even more frequently they are the result of a stressful life. They generally only have physical symptoms relating to some conflict which one might had experienced in past. It is just not possible to list all the different reasons which might lead to panic attack, but we wrote a list of causes here. They can either be due to some sort of phobia or may be due to some sort of hidden fear either real or imaginary.

Most of the people are not able to cope with these attacks because they just don’t know how to stop panic attacks. Lack of information is what the main reason is behind such attacks. One should know that there are multiple methods of tackling such attacks, you just have to gain knowledge of stopping them. If you are not aware of how to stop panic attacks, than you might end up in stopping your life.

Let’s see two important steps which can help to stop such attacks.

Stop Panic Treatment 1 – Counseling

First thing that you should do to stop your panic attack is to contact a therapist. Therapist is someone who has knowledge of stopping these attacks. When you visit a professional therapist, he/she will ask you certain questions regarding your life. With the help of these questions, therapist will try to find out the principle reason of panic attack. The causes of such attacks are often hidden deep inside your mind and it is not easy to take them out from your mind. Therapist with his/her experience will try to do just that.

He/she will ask you about your past experiences, firstly he/she will concentrate on events that had happened in your past childhood to see weather there is some bad event that might had happened in past leaving an uncatchable foot print on your mind. Then he/she might turn to your current past and ask about recent experiences, in all these questions he/she will try to figure out the hidden fear or phobia that is residing inside you..  Once he/she is able to reach the core of your problem he/she then will decide the way of treatment in future.

Stop Panic Treatment 2 – Finding Ways to Cope

After recognizing the hidden fear or phobia inside you, therapist will suggest you certain methods to deal with your fear. Among the suggested methods may be deep breathing or confronting with you fear slowly and gradually.

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