Panic attacks can be reduced substantially with behavioral therapy. Victims who know the source of their panic attacks may put themselves in situations that causes panic attacks as part of their treatment, for example if ridding a horse triggers panic attack one should practice in being such a situation as part of their treatment.

Medication and psychotherapy may help to prevent panic attacks. Patients who are being taken care of must be given special attention and those taking care of the patient should be careful enough not to mistake a serious illness with panic attacks.

Use of drugs like alcohol and other drug abuses only worsen the situations, however reassurance and relaxation techniques can help to reduce the attacks. The patient should engage herself in aerobic exercises and stress management techniques: yoga might be the best solution.

Using paper bag to breath and to ease hypertension may worsen the situation as this may result in heart attack or asthma attack, therefore the benefits that are apparently received is a placebo effect.

Beside this, if the sufferer feels the she is about to have a panic attack and the symptoms are known, these several techniques can be used to stop a panic attack.

  1. Slow down your breathing rate and try to breathe out through pursed lips put your hand on your stomach to check the rapidity of breathing.
  2. Relax your body muscles and be aware of any tension you feel in your muscles
  3. Then relax your larger muscles staring from legs slowly move up your body relaxing one muscle group at a time. Breath in and tighten your muscles then breath out and let the muscles relax

If you still feel difficulty breathing try talking to someone, or even to yourself if nobody else is around.

It has also been noticed that people who are suffering from panic attacks tend to make some common mistakes, Self-medication and ignoring lifestyles is just one of the many such blunders.

People suffering with panic attacks try to get rid of it at once and run for the nearest and most trusty medicine for instant relief. But they fail to understand that these medicines are only increasing the need to use them again and again, because once the instant passes the attack resumes with greater intensity then before. People often fail to accept that they cannot get rid of panic attacks immediately, and they have to bring fundamental changes in their life styles.

Other common mistakes include avoiding social interactions, not seeking medical help, feeling ashamed and ignoring and surrendering to it. All these only make the situations worse. A combination of medicine and reassurance techniques can fix the problem and can reduce these attacks substantially.

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