Cleaning acne scarsAcne scars are an unwanted condition which mostly hit the young people within the age group of 18 to 20 years, but it can hit anyone anytime. Acne scars can appear anywhere on the human body, but it is considered worst when it starts appearing on the visible to other areas, most importantly on face or forehead. Although the condition is not life threatening but no one appreciates it because of its impact on the facial beauty.

Furthermore, the disease has the habit of leaving permanent scars as ‘aftershocks’ for life. There are many ways through which acne scars can be cleaned to be removed completely or minimize. None of the solutions that will be discussed works after first application, consistent use of the solution is mandatory to make sure the Acne Scars are gone for good.

It does not really matter which treatment you have chosen as it is totally as per your discretion. However, changing the diet is an important step toward the success.  Unnecessary fats, starch and sugar must be avoided and more and more healthy diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables must be included. Guess what, even if you are not suffering from the acne scars still the healthy diet is good for you, so there is no harm whatsoever in changing the diet pattern for good.

  • Tomato is known to be a good agent against Acne scar. The procedure is quite simple. Take a slice of tomato and rub it over the skin (the infected parts). Repeat the procedure for few days and positive results are certain.
  • Honey is also very beneficial for the acne scar. Just take two tablespoons of acceptable to your skin warm honey, apply it overnight and wash your face with warm water in the morning. Don’t let your partner come near you during the night, as calling honey and having honey on honey are two different things.
  • Lemon’s juice, Orange juice, egg whites if applied can give satisfactory results against the acne scars problem. Similarly applying garlic, coriander, Turmeric powder, aloe vera on the scars has also known to give the good results for fighting acne scars. Apart from lemon and orange juice their peels also show very fair results for Acne scar condition.

These were all natural solutions but there are few other solutions available for acne scars like usage of baking soda. Applying baking boda over the scars for a couple of minutes, two times per days for about a week is enough to get rid of the problem. There are drugs and ointments available, which are useful when the problem has spread too much into the body. Laser treatment is a newer method, and it basically peels off the old skin, and the new skin is expected to be Acne Scars free.

It is important to know your allergies before going for any of the ways to clean Acne scars. Once more, consistency is the key for successful removal of the Acne scars.

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