Hide acne scarsThe condition of the skin is clean and without stains will certainly facilitate the application of make up, and the result would be perfect. But in reality, not all women have a clean face without blemishes or acne scars. The appearance of blemishes caused by acne often makes her upset. If it happens to you, of course stains or spots should be disguised to disguise the stain, can be done by using the foundation or makeup tools hider.

Here is some makeup tips to hide acne scars:


Foundation is the easiest solution for spots or hides acne scars. There are several types of foundation, which can be selected according to skin type and its uses.


This is species is the lightest, so it fits on select for everyday use and all skin types, especially oily skin. Liquid form is not too covering up the pores of the face. Even so, this liquid foundation is more durable. You should select a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 8 for using everyday


This is can disguise more stains, such as acne scars. As with any form of liquid, a cream foundation is more durable. Forms of creams contain more oil, making it more suitable for normal to dry skin, because it will give effect to cover the pores perfectly.


Foundation-shaped solid is usually water-based or oil. This foundation is more like because easier on the carried and used. Just stay brushed slightly with a sponge, the stain will be closed completely.


It should only be used as a stain hider when the party that needs glamorous makeup. Foundation of this type is usually oil-based, making it more suitable for dry skin.


Foundation type is very easy to use and perfect for skin that just needs a thin coating, aka not many parts that must be disguised. For the election in recommend choosing a foundation color that match the skin color. But if the stains clearly visible choose a color that one level is darker than skin color. Avoid colors that much different skin color as to make the skin look whiter.

This will cause the face look like a mask. If you want to change the color, select a level foundation whose color is darker or lighter. And for more natural results, use a mixture of dark and light foundation to near skin color. If the color is darker foundation, use a powder with a lighter color of skin to look natural.

Makeup tools hider

Makeup tools hider in use when the use of foundation unable to cover or disguise the spots or stains on the face. In fact, this makeup tools hider can be used to cover or disguise any shortcomings in the face. For example, wrinkles or black shadows under the eyes.

Forms makeup tools hider too diverse, there is a liquid, cream, stick, until the pencil. For color selection are suggested to choose an approach for facial skin color perfect. Owner dark skin, you should choose beige. Being the owner of lighter skin should choose a translucent color. Basically select the color makeup tools hider to the one younger than skin color.

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