Acne scarsScars are usually caused by different sorts of wounds which when heal cause a scar, hence scars are basically a part of skin healing process. Usually when there are superficial injuries, no scars are formed. It is when the skin layers are injured that scars are formed. Scars are usually formed by and inflamed and swollen area which is often a result of cystic acne, pustule or papules. An individual’s skin becomes inflamed when you do not take proper care of your skin and the pores of your skin are engorged with bacteria and dead skin.

This further causes the pores to swell up and skin lesions are causes. Some times acne is also causes by hormonal imbalance in an individual. This can be worrying as cystic acne can be caused by it. Such individuals are advised to consult the dermatologist and after their problem is solved then they should worry about the scarring caused. Serious lesions which leave a dark scar are usually caused when there is a break out deeper in the follicle.

There is a preventive mechanism developed by our skin to prevent it from different external factors. Usually when there is an inflamed area and a lesion is caused, to repair the damage caused to the external surface of our skin, the repair mechanism causes the formation of new collagen fibers. Collagen is a protein produced by our skin for strength and flexibility. Some times more than required collagen is made, this causes hypertrophic scars and kelloids are formed but this does not happen a lot and usually normal scars are formed which can be treated.

For every individual having acne scars causes a lot of unwanted stress. There are different factors causing acne. Firstly as told earlier, the pores get filled with dirt and oil and hence the bacteria present on the superficial layer of the skin help to inflame the skin. Then different sorts of hormonal imbalances can also contribute towards this problem. Certain kinds of hormones called androgens, which are present in both sexes but more in men, help to cause acne. These androgens usually cause to enlarge the oil secreting glands in our skin due which oil secretion is increased. This phenomenon causes pores present in the superficial layer of the skin to get engorged with oil and dirt and hence further bacterial action causes acne. A female hormone known as estrogen also plays its part as one of its functions is to regularize cholesterol.

Therefore, a dermatologist may suggest that you take birth control pills, which stabilize the estrogen levels in a female. Acne may also be caused by the genetic factor which means that if it runs in your family, you may also get it.  There are different kinds of acne scars. One might be caused due to non-inflammatory lesions and the other might be caused due to inflammatory ones. Blackheads and white heads usually and the inflammatory lesions may be caused by bacterial action on dirt and oil clogged pores in facial skin.

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