A urinary tract infection or UTI can be painful and uncomfortable, but in most cases is not dangerous. It is possible to treat this condition with medications but it can also be addressed with home remedies. Below are some simple tips you should consider for alleviating the pain and ridding yourself of a UTI at home.

1. Drink lots of water.

Your body needs to rid itself of the infection and the best way to do this is to flush it out with lots of water. Considering drinking half your body weight in ounces of water, up to 80 per day. This means that if you weigh 150 pounds, you can drink up to 75 ounces of water every day.

Along with drinking water, it’s good to empty your bladder as often as possible, even if you just go a little. Every bit or urine that you remove from your system is more bacteria that you’re getting rid of, so every time you feel the urge to go when dealing with UTI, empty your bladder as necessary.

2. Try cranberry juice.

Unsweetened cranberry juice helps to flush out the bacteria and keep it from sticking to the bladder and walls of the urinary tract. Be sure you try unsweetened juice so you don’t load up on calories, and you might even consider cutting it with water so you can drink even more every day. Eating whole cranberries can also help so add them to your favorite foods, but avoid processed foods like jams and jellies as these typically have more sugar than the actual berries.

3. Try good bacteria.

Yogurt contains good bacteria which fights the bad bacteria in your system. Choose those with probiotics or live active cultures so you balance out your system. It’s often good to eat yogurt regularly but especially so when taking medication for UTI so your system stays balanced. The good bacteria will help to fight the harmful bacteria and you’ll be rid of the infection much more quickly.

4. Avoid irritants.

Anything that irritates your bladder will make UTI worse, so avoid eating and drinking alcohol, chocolate, acidic foods and beverages, overly spicy foods, and things such as these. If it gives you acid indigestion or is difficult to digest, it can also bother your urinary tract. Carbonated beverages can also irritate your bladder and urinary tract so avoid these as well.

5. Use heat to soothe the pain.

When your body is in pain the immune system can be compromised, and you may not want to empty your bladder as often as you should. A warm compress or heating pad can help to alleviate the pain associated with UTI and also help to bring blood to the infected area. This too can help it to heal more quickly and to allow you to use the bathroom with more comfort and ease.

Try all these remedies together when you’re suffering with UTI and you may see that you don’t necessarily need medication to get relief.