When it comes to diagnosing and solving a health related problem, nothing is more challenging then properly diagnosing and treating tinnitus. Not even considered a disease, tinnitus is viewed as a symptom of something larger. As a result, a great number of things can cause it, leading to a number of possible solutions. As there are no known medications that treat tinnitus directly, we are left to follow the advice of our doctors and look for the best ways to reduce whatever ringing sounds we hear.

To help you do just that, below are a number of possible ways you can treat your tinnitus at home.

1. Relaxing Your Body and Laying off the Stimulants

Some sources of Tinnitus come from the body being anxious, tight, or otherwise not calm. By reducing the amount of coffee you consume, (as well as any other stimulants), you can minimize the effects of tinnitus. In addition, many people suggest reduced alcohol consumption because of a link between frequent drinking and the ringing of the ears.

2. Another Reason to Quit and Stopping Smoking

Objective tinnitus occurs when other people can hear the same ringing (or other kind of noise) you can hear. The noise is being created because something is wrong with the blood flow in your ears. Tobacco reduces the blood flow to the ears, making tinnitus worse. In a similar way, be sure to exercise regularly. Not only good for your health, exercise helps increase blood flow throughout your body, including your ears.

3.  Relaxing Your Mind

One series of reasons why tinnitus occurs is because of a psychological origin. This can be because of depression, anxiety disorders, and a number of other conditions where the body trains itself to be tense. People who have gone through treatment and recovered from depression report their tinnitus going away. Try relaxing your body and mind through yoga or meditation. By spending this time on yourself, you can be giving your body and mind exactly what it needs to get rid of tinnitus.

4. Limiting Exposure

If nothing else, make sure you do not expose yourself to loud noises. As a rule of thumb, try to keep your exposure to noises below 70 decibels (the noise of a police whistle or alarm clock). These will make the tinnitus worse. This doesn’t necessarily mean you can never go to a concert again. Be sure if you do go to just bring earplugs.

5. Herbal Supplements

Considered the “hail-Mary” of solutions, there are mixed and unconfirmed success stories of reducing and ending tinnitus through herbal supplements. A popular herbal supplement used for tinnitus is Ginkgo Biloba. However, due to the unconfirmed nature of these reports, you may experience no notable reduction of tinnitus after taking it.

Regardless of what home remedy you try to remove or reduce your tinnitus with, there is something important that you must remember. Every case of tinnitus is unique. Some of these suggestions may work for you, while others may not. The trick is not giving up until you find what works for you.

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