Whether you have had it for a day or have suffered for years, getting rid of tinnitus can make the difference between living happily and suffering with that constant high-pitched noise. The trouble with tinnitus is that getting rid of it requires an understanding of where it came from. It is a symptom of two-dozen different possible causes, ranging from psychological to physical and everywhere in between.

To help you get rid of your tinnitus condition we will take a look at a range of these solutions. While there is no miracle medication that will remove it, there are ways that you can reduce it until it no longer affects your life.

1. Stop Exposing Yourself to Loud Noises

From a jackhammer to the buzzing of your alarm clock, stop your exposure to anything above 70 decibels in volume. How loud is 70 decibels? 70 decibels is often described as the whistle of a police officer, your alarm going off at full volume, or a noisy bar. Every time you expose your ears to that level of noise, you make your tinnitus worse. If these kinds of noises are unavoidable (or you do not want to stop going to your favorite concerts), then consider means of reducing the noise. While soundproof headphones are often used at concerts to protect the hearing of younger children, you can reduce the decibel level of even loud concerts by simply wearing earplugs. With enough time, the tinnitus may go away.

2. A Psychological Approach to Getting Rid of Tinnitus

As previously stated, tinnitus can have a number of causes, including psychological. Psychological causes of tinnitus can result from increased and extended levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. The thing that all of these have in common is that they keep your body in a continued state of tension. This tension is both emotional and physical, and it plays havoc on various parts of your body. One part of your body in particular that is susceptible to this tension is your ears (through connection to your jaw). Some people have gotten rid of their tinnitus through jaw relaxation exercises, yoga, and even meditation. Regardless of how you deal with your stress, calming your body can help you get rid of tinnitus.

3. Diets and Lifestyle

Tinnitus may be caused by what you are eating and drinking. Just like with some of the psychological causes of tinnitus, what you eat and drink can cause tension and affect your body in ways you didn’t anticipate. The biggest culprit is caffeine. Caffeine consumption may energize you, but it also tenses your body and can be a cause of tinnitus. Many people have also had luck stopping all alcohol consumption. In addition quitting smoking is another great way to reduce and get rid of tinnitus, as smoking causes reduced blood flow to the ears which can cause tinnitus.

These are just some of the more simple lifestyle changes you can make to help deal with tinnitus and even prevent it. While you can’t cure tinnitus there are steps you can take to reduce it’s effect or prevent it from annoying you for the rest of your life.

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