Panic attacks are serious issue when it comes to treating them. They are just not the sort of disease which you can easily get rid of. Self help for panic attacks is something you really should get yourself prepared for if you are experiencing such attacks. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that there is no short term treatment for panic attacks and that you will have to persist any treatment for a long time in order to be able to get rid of such attacks.

These attacks are basically caused due to diverse reasons and this diversity of causes of panic attacks is something that poses serious problem when it comes to treating them.

Having said all the difficulties that one might face in treating panic attacks, one should not loose hope. There are certain methods and treatment by which one can get rid of such attacks completely and when it comes to self help for panic attacks, than there is nothing better than cognitive behavioral therapy.

This is the most effective and exact way of self treating your panic attacks. This method is based upon controlling your fear. Fear is one of the most basic reasons of the panic attacks. We all afraid of something or the other and whenever that thing or situation happens we just can’t control our feelings and emotions and experience a panic attack. For all who are experiencing panic attacks, it is impulsive to get rid of their fears.

Cognitive behavioral therapy treatment helps confronting your anxiety and fear feelings. Remember, as long as you are not ready to confront your fear, you just can not get rid of such attacks and they will happen more and more if you don’t confront them. The feeling of fear is closely associated with nausea, lightheadedness, dizziness and shortness of breathing. You will have to pinpoint the exact cause of panic attacks to be able to treat them properly.

Remember, running away from your fear is the worst thing that you can do. Running away from your fears can be really dreadful: it can cause serious implications on a person’s mind and he/she will potentially get more frequent and severe panic attacks.

Instead you should start confronting your fear with certain degree of consciousness. For instance, if you are afraid to drive alone at night than you should start driving at night more and more, along with talking to your friend about anything you find pleasant. Over time it will boost your confidence and help you overcome your fear of driving.

The same principle can be applied with many other fears and phobias, and it’s the best way to self-help.

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