Natural remedies for acne scarsA teen having a date is more worried about a pimple or acne showing up than the date itself. This is one of a major challenges faced by the teenagers all around the globe. Acne is caused by hormonal imbalances happening in the body. Testosterone is said to be the root of all this. When it breaks out of your body through the skin it is called acne. This does not by any means mean that you have an imbalance of this hormone.

As a matter of fact this hormone is produced in your body at the adolescence age with the body hair. It is just that your body skin is not finding the right way to throw away excess of this. There are umpteenth remedies for acne. But having natural remedies for acne is the most searched after thing on the internet by the teens. This problem of acne, though mild is seen to drive many teenagers to depression and they lose self confidence.

Natural remedies for acne are the most sought after as there are thousands of people suffering from this horrible problem and there are tens of thousands of companies out there trying to sell their anti-acne products. These products might sound good enough to solve your problem and lead you to an acne free world but these products might contain unknown chemicals or harmful chemicals. These chemicals may cause some adverse reactions in your body or to your skin or its side effects could last for long or at a very extreme case for the life time of a person.

One of the best known natural home remedies for acne is to drink lots of water. Drinking lots of water would result in your body throwing out toxins that would prevent acne. A list of other known natural remedies for acne is given below:

  • Keeping your hair and your hands off your face. Both your hair and hands contain oils that could wreak havoc on your face if you are having pimples
  • This is the most common thing that a teen does, pinching or popping one’s pimple. Do not, I repeat do not under any circumstances pinch or pop your pimple. This will definitely worsen the acne problem.
  • Changing your bedding and your pillow covers will definitely help in not worsening the acne problem. As you lay through the night the oil from your face and your hair would collect onto your bedding. This if touched upon can worsen your acne problem.
  • Makeup and lotions are to be avoided as they contain oils that worsen acne. The layer on the skin becomes superficial where as the oil within these products seep into the skin and cause a disaster to your acne problem.
  • There are certain foods that a dietician may advice. This too works as the intake that you have is free from oils that can worsen acne.

These natural remedies for acne list can be used as a starting point for your fight against acne. Here is wishing you success against your fight with acne and hoping a acne free life for you.

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