Each and every one of us likes to make ourselves more attractive. Doing makeup on daily basis is one of the regular activities for men and women especially for teenage people. Acne and acne scarring is one of the skin diseases which mainly affects on faces due to high secretion of oil. Usually acne affects the people with the age group ranges between 10 years up to maximum 40 years. You can find a quicker remedy if you taken treatment initially.

In case if you are unable to find out which kind of disease, then consulting proper physician will prevent better. Some of the people who affected from this disease will lose their self confidence and even many of the teenage people are committing suicide. You can cure this acne either by through taking the natural medicine or taking english medicine. With the advancement in technology, some of the people are undergoing for laser treatment. In case if there is any urgent situation arises to hide acne, then the following ways are applicable.

Make-up For Covering Acne:

There are three steps that are followed to cover the acne by doing makeup. But you should use the branded products in order to avoid further problems.
Initially apply ‘Concealer’ in a light way directly to the affected area. Apply the cream in to the facial sponge which is easily disposable and use it sparingly. You can apply as much as your skin takes but the layer should not be too thickly in order to avoid terrible look after it get dries.

Makeup for acne scars

The next step is applying a foundation cream. The cream should be taken in a disposable sponge and apply to the affected area and give some massage. Use a large makeup brush to apply oil-free powder in thin layer. It just give you shine and even it will give you a finished look. You should not dip concealer applicator in to the bottle directly and must avoid reapplying of concealer in order to prevent from bacteria.

The foundation sponge is also should not be reused. While applying these things, you must not give more press to the acne. It must be applied gently and carefully in order to avoid irritation. There should be time gap for taking this makeup and should not be used frequently. You must clean it as soon as you are returning home or before going to bed and let the skin to breath in fresh air.


You must take only the oil-free makeup kits which gives perfect match to your skin. You should not undertake any laser treatment for hiding these things. You should follow proper beauty magazine and other standard source for getting useful information for remedies and must not follow any local agent’s advice. There will also have a suitable tattoos to cover the acne but only best branded products should be used. To avoid all these you must take care of your skin properly. Take some time to do face wash on warm water at least twice in a day in order to avoid these entire unwanted disturbances to the skin.

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