Biceps and triceps are the two muscle groups in the upper arm of the human body. Here are some facts about biceps and triceps which you should know.

Biceps are a group of muscles located in the upper arm. The technical name for biceps in the arm is biceps brachii. This is completely different from biceps femoris which is located in the leg. The biceps femoris is an integral part of hamstring muscle which is in the back of the thighs. Biceps brachii which is the upper arm muscle has two muscle structures. Triceps are technically known as triceps brachii and it constitutes of three muscle structures. In simpler words, biceps have two muscles and triceps have three muscles.

Biceps are located at the front of the upper arm and triceps are located at the back or posterior of the upper arm. Both these muscles begin at the shoulder, run down the upper arm and end at the elbow. The biceps don’t run straight; they curve out a little to meet the outside border of the elbow. The triceps begin at the shoulder and run down straight along the back of the upper arm to meet the elbow. The biceps and triceps are rounded off at the shoulder by the deltoid muscle.

The biceps and triceps have all the normal functions of protection, cushion and general motion of the arms that are similar to any muscular structure in the body. Both have some specific functions owing to their location and form. The biceps are responsible to flex the arm, especially when you have to lift or pick up something. The biceps are also tasked with the responsibility to rotate the forearm. An action to explain forearm rotation would be a forehand shot in tennis or when you have to work on a doorknob and turn it to open or to close it.

The triceps have the responsibility to work in conjunction with the muscles in your back, to support the upper arm and the subsequent functions of the arm. If there are any actions wherein the arm has to be used to push something, for instance a heavy trolley or even a door, the triceps come into action. In pushing activity, the forearm plays a major role but the triceps also exert the force and provide support to the forearm. The triceps also work with the back muscles and the deltoid muscle to ensure proper functioning and movement of the arm.

Biceps are easy to develop in men, while triceps are relatively harder. Weight training or strength training can develop bulky or desirably shaped biceps but triceps require a little more workout. Both biceps and triceps require isolated workouts or training that works on these muscles in isolation. Triceps should be just as developed as biceps, but since biceps are easy to develop many people focus on developing it more without working on the triceps. This can cause an imbalance in the upper arm and will make the entire area prone to injury and shall also hamper the strength of the entire upper arm.