Angioedema affects countless people every day. Yet, very few people outside those who live with or know someone with angioedema even know what it means. Given this general ignorance, there is a lack of information out there for people looking for remedies. To help with that, a number of remedies are listed below. Used by individuals suffering from angioedema, they have brought many people relief. With any luck, these natural remedies will be as effective for you as they are for them.

1. Removing the Allergen from Your Diet

The best and most simple natural remedy for treating angioedema is to completely remove the allergen from your diet. This means no longer eating what causes the angioedema to occur. In addition, be careful of using dishes or preparing food on surfaces that may contain the allergen. Even if you do not come foods that have the allergen in them directly, angioedema can occur through mere contact. Whether this is on your skin or on your face, it is best to keep all contact to a bare minimum. This is also one of the best techniques for individuals with hereditary angioedema, as other natural remedies will not work with angioedema if it is hereditary.

2. Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

If what you are allergic to represents a substantial part of your possible diet, then you may need to find vitamin and mineral supplements to make up for this loss in your diet. By making sure your body has everything it needs to be healthy, you can help reduce the severity of the swelling associated with angioedema. Either way, be careful with these supplement foods, as they may still cause an allergic reaction. The safest thing to do is to take it slowly.

3. Histaminum and Cantharis

Histaminum is a homeopathic natural remedy that can be used to help treat and reduce cases of angioedema. Many people end up using it 3 to 5 times a day to reduce exposure based swelling as well as limiting the occasional intense swelling episode. Cantharis is also recommended for cases of acute episodes. Look to use this when there is a great deal of swelling caused by the angioedema.

Putting it All Together

No matter what course you plan to take with natural remedies for treating angioedema, you should run it by your primary physician first. Having been trained in recognizing and treating angioedema they will have the best course of action and be able to provide you with specific pointers. As each person has his or her own unique physiology, getting the opinion of a professional can make a great deal of difference. Of course be sure to take a look at our list of easy home remedies for angioedema as well, you might find something that can help.

Finally, if you are someone you know experiences an acute case of angioedema brought on by rapid swelling (usually under 3 minutes) of the airway, then seek immediate medical help. It can be that their airway will become blocked, leading to asphyxia. If you are not sure what the right course of action is, then it is always better to be safe then sorry.

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